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ce upon a time, before mass transit and cable television every community had a neighborhood pub. The townsfolk shared all aspects of social life outside of church there. Twas no need for two for one drinks or Ultimate fighting championships because you were rich in food, festivities and fraternity at your local pub.

Now eons later, we reintroduce said olden concept of less unnecessary stimuli and more fun and camaraderie. Play some pool, throw some darts, or maybe just relax with an honest pint and enjoy being among friends.

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Live & local music every Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday night!
13-Sep-2014 at 7pm
Halfway to St Patricks Day !!!!

Our first annual halfway to St Patricks Day party! Molly Maguires, Cutthroat Shamrock, Celtic Keg Stand, The Secret Commonwealth, and John Lathim and Friends will Perform. We will have sway, craic, carousing and loads of Irish inspired fun. If you don't think too hard you will believe it is St Padd'ys day in Sept!

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